Sunday, July 25, 2010

What is a wrap?

A vehicle wrap is basically a sticker. We all played with them when we were kids, and most of us probably loved stickering notebooks, bikes and skateboards. The material we use to wrap is a very technologically advanced sticker. The material is know as vinyl, it is a pvc based product that has added elements to allow it to conform to the contour curves of a vehicle.

For wrapping we use a Cast vinyl which is thinner compared to standard, thicker, vinyl which is typically a Calendared vinyl. This cast vinyl is sticky on the back, it is coated with a series of adhesives that allow the wrap to stick to the car, be repositioned if necessary, and it will come off easily when and if the time comes. This vinyl is loaded into a printer (there are many varieties of printers used for this) and the pre-designed wrap is printed onto the vinyl.

From the printer it goes to the laminator where a protective coating is placed on top. This protects the wrap from everyday wear and tear. Most wraps will last 3-5 years, if the wrap is taken care of and garaged regularly it can last much longer. The wrap is installed by a trained and skilled wrap technician using some form of heat such as a heat gun, or propane torch. This heat makes the vinyl soft and it will “wrap” around the corners etc. of the vehicle. The wrap is then trimmed and is ready for the road.


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